5 Questions with Dr. Edward Ewe

5 Questions with Dr. Edward Ewe

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This week’s blog post features 5 questions with Dr. Edward Ewe. Dr. Ewe is a husband, father, university professor, entrepreneur, and avid swimmer. I asked him to share because I value his forthrightness and he’s a great friend.


1. What are you reading or listening to right now?

“I recently read Loveable, by Kelly Flanagan. It is such a good read. The book reminds me the of the power of being human and the need to be loved, belonged, and accepted. It is a very honest, spiritual, and inspirational book. As I embrace the various changes in my life, I am reminded of the gift of God’s love and how I can show love to myself, my family, and those around me.

In addition, my wife, Liz, and I love to listen to the NPR podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz. Over time, we’ve listened to different founders and CEOs of well-known companies such as Panera Bread and Five Guys talk about how they started their companies or made their companies successful. Listening to successful people has challenged me to work hard, be smart, be kind, and generous. It is so important to live a life filled with understanding the “why”.

2. You have a reputation for being easy to talk to. People feel comfortable talking to you about anything. How did you develop that?

“I think it is a life-long process. I learned how to be a better listener through the years of learning, feedback from mentors including my wife and son, and challenging myself to listen to understand rather than to respond. I think when I was younger, it was tempting to have the right advice or words to tell my friends or audience. Today, I am learning that the better I listen to my audience, the better I can serve and help them.”

3. What’s new in your life right now that you want to share?

“My family recently welcomed a new baby, Owen. It has been a season of adjustment and learning. Amazingly, having a second child has taught me to be a more present and laid-back father. Owen teaches me the fragility and resiliency of life. He is so dependent on me and his mom yet he will be ok because he, like other children, are resilient. I am learning that all of us have our own purpose, gifts, and personalities that need to be embraced and nurtured. We do best when we are loved and feel safe.

In addition to having a new baby, I am building a private practice as a professional counselor. It has been exciting to hustle and network with others to build my practice. I enjoy seeing and helping clients in their journey.”

4. How do you handle discouragement or disappointment?

“Disappointments and discouragements are experiences of being alive. Experiencing the lows in life helped me to be grateful for the good things I enjoy in life. It teaches me humility and dependency on God. When I lost my late wife, grief, disappointment, and pain were the price of love and being loved. It was a journey for me to accept and embrace the gift of life and love. So in short, I have learned to accept disappointment and discouragement as part of living. Disappointment and discouragement create opportunities for me to trust God more, pray for wisdom and patience, and learn to surrender to Him.”

5. Is there anything else that you’re learning right now that you want to share?

“I am learning that any good decisions start with small acts. I have enjoyed swimming over the last five years. I am proud of this exercise routine as it is keeping me somewhat healthy, mentally and physically. I remind my community of learners that if we want to change anything, it often starts with small acts and some courage.”

A big thanks to Dr. Edward Ewe for sharing on the blog today. To learn more about Dr. Ewe, his work, or to just say hi, click the following links to visit his Facebook Page and Website.

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