5 Questions With...Beth Stice

5 Questions With...Beth Stice

On my journey of emotional awareness and vulnerability, I’ve learned the value of listening to others who are willing to be vulnerable and share the lessons they’re learning from their everyday experiences and emotions. With a desire to give you the same value and richness from shared learning, I’ve asked a few friends who I deeply respect to share their emotions and experiences with us on this blog through a format I’m calling “5 Questions With”.

And with that I’m pleased to share with you our first shared learning experience:

5 Questions With Beth Stice

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I first met Beth as a sophomore in college. We served in the same leadership program, and I could tell that she was a deep person. I met her future husband the same year in the same leadership program, and developed a good friendship with him. They weren’t even dating then. Our families reconnected 15 years later, and my family has been enriched through the renewed relationship. Among many things, Beth is a thinker, a writer and genuine. That’s a major reason why I asked her to share.

1 What are you reading/listening to right now?

Learning and growing is one of my favorite things, so I always have a few books in process and a couple podcasts that I check in with. I love cooking, so I recently got the book “Salt Fat Acid Heat” by Samin Nosrat. She breaks down the basics of making simple food taste really good with - you guessed it - salt, fat, acid, and heat. There’s also a Netflix series on it that I’m enjoying! Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book “Switch on Your Brain” is also a good read so far. I feel smarter just reading this book because of some of the vocabulary she uses as a neuroscientist. The latest thing I’ve listened to that shook me up is a Mike Bickle sermon (He’s the leader of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City) on loving God well. So challenging. It’s called “God’s First Priority” by Mike Bickle on Youtube.

2. What’s one lesson you can share from everyday life that you’ve experienced recently?

One of the big life lessons I’m practicing right now is enjoying every moment. For some reason, I grew up really believing that if I stressed about everything and tried really hard, I might get a better outcome in life. Now, I find the opposite is true - stressing can ruin the outcome! I get to be the mom to three little kids - 3 yrs, 1 yr, and a 3 mo old - and we made our first venture to the gym recently. 3 month olds have a short window of happiness sometimes, so I was trying to make the gym happen in that happy window. Needless to say, the three year old and the one year old weren’t that interested in doing things quickly. Also, once I got there, the gym had accidentally suspended our account and I had to run around to get it fixed. I started to stress out. The happy window is closing! I quickly remembered that stressing doesn’t help. I am a powerful person who can choose how I respond in every situation, and JOY is always a good response. I shifted gears and ended up having a great morning.

3. What’s something that you can share that’s exciting in your life right now?

My husband just recently took a new position as president of a company here in town. We are excited, a little nervous, and so grateful for the opportunity to put in some hard work and see what God does! I keep getting surprised by the road God has us on, but looking back, each step has been important and needed for where we are today.

4. How do you work through failure and disappointments?

This is a really hard one for me. My personality really thrives in safety, security, and an expected outcome. I’m learning that failure and disappointment are opportunities for growth, IF I can keep my heart open and stay humble through the process. It’s really easy for me to armor up, get my defenses flowing, and shut down when disappointment strikes. But then I don’t grow or change. Recently, during a situation over which I had little control, I felt God say to me that Jesus is in every outcome. What do I have to fear? If things go terribly wrong, worst-case-scenario type of thing, Jesus would still be with me. How wonderful is that? If things go better than expected, Jesus is right there too. Keeping perspective of what is important during failures or disappointments can really help shift my attitude.

5. What else would you like to share?

Two phrases that have really been monumental in this season are “This is the good stuff” and “I have everything I need.”

Whatever season you’re in - this is the good stuff. Every season has challenges and difficulties, and every season has gold if we find it. So truly, this season I’m in right now is the good stuff.

The phrase “I have everything I need,” has changed my perspective drastically. Little sleep? I have all the sleep I need. Feeling life’s demands? I have everything I need. Needing friends and connection? I have everything I need. Not sure what the next step will be? I have everything I need. Just saying this out loud turns my eyes to how much I have to be grateful for and how I have more than enough.

Thank you to Beth for sharing so freely. If you’d like to message Beth, you can email her at

Thanks for reading!

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