Disappointed but not Discouraged

Disappointed but not Discouraged

I was disappointed, but I didn’t want to admit it.

I wanted to be positive. I wanted to focus on the fact that their had been some growth.

Shouldn’t that be good enough?

I wanted to get rid of my negative emotions. I didn’t want to feel them because they were painful. I tried to move on, but I couldn’ t. I kept coming back to them.

I had a goal for what I wanted my June net profits to look like and I didn’t hit my goal. Because of that, I was in a tug of war with myself and I was getting nowhere.

I finally stopped denying it.

I admitted that I was disappointed. I had hoped to have better production numbers, but that didn’t happen. Something else happened though.

I didn’t slide into a funk or get depressed.

I realized that I was not my performance, and that by accepting that my performance needed to improve was not an indictment on who I was.

Then I got determined.

I began analyzing what I did right and what I did wrong. I looked at the areas I could improve and began planning to execute in those areas.

Admitting my emotions didn’t derail me. It validated where I was so I could shift my focus to where I was going.

I’m going to hit my goals. We will achieve what true success look like for us. But I’ve learned that accepting where I am in the present is a vital first step to moving forward towards my desired future.

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