Embracing Change

Embracing Change

This weekend, the pastor of our church shared a story about a town in Mississippi that was once a growing, bustling community, but is now considered a ghost town.

The town is called Rodney, and the change in it’s fortune is largely attributed to the change in the movement of the source of the town’s growth and vibrancy- the Mississippi River.

The town was prosperous and successful because it was built on the location of an important crossing point of the life-giving river. As the town grew, a build up of sediment and debris caused the river to gradually change it’s course of direction away from it’s current location. And as the river moved, commerce dried up and people began to leave.

As he shared that story, my mind kept wondering about the people. Those who were able to transition and those who weren’t.

I imagined the residents who spent their whole lives in the community found it difficult to leave. They were accustomed to the town and it’s way of life. That was all they had ever known. But as it became more apparent that the life-giving source of the town was moving, they had to make a decision.

I also imagined those who made the decision sooner, fared better and suffered less that those who waited.

And then I thought about my life.

How am I embracing the realities of change? In what aspects has my “river” has moved and I’m trying to hold on to my “town”?

“It’s my home. It’s what I’ve been accustomed to for a long time.”, are all last words of those who failed to embrace change and adapt.

It’s time to let go and move on. Staying connected to the my river is vital to my success and everyone’s connected to me.

It takes courage. It’s not always fun at the time, but the future belongs to those who can adapt and change.

Here’s to embracing change and staying connected to our rivers, wherever they may lead us.

Thanks for reading.

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