Grateful for purpose

Grateful for purpose

I recently read an article about a guy who used the answer to one question to gain clarity and focus in his life.

The one questions was, “What do you do better than anyone else?”.

He sent the same question to five of his closest friends and asked what they thought he did better than anyone else. He then compared their answers to his.

The results of the exercise was so powerful for him, that he built a website around it to help others do the same.

As I did the exercise myself and experienced the same clarity of purpose, I then began to experience a strong sense of gratitude.

Gratitude that I know my mission. And gratitude that I get to live it out every day.

That wasn’t always the case. There was a time where I was confused about my purpose and frustrated with my job. I wasn’t sure my life was moving in the right direction because I wasn’t sure what the right direction was.

I think that’s why I feel so grateful now that I have that clarity.

I’m still finding ways to bring a greater level of alignment between my life’s mission and everything else in my life. That’s a process that I’m sure will bring an even greater level of fulfillment. But right now, I’m just grateful. Grateful for clarity of purpose, and grateful to be living that out every day.

Click the link below to check out the website with the purpose question and to send it to five other friends. Feel free to add my name and email ( to the list of friends you send the question to.

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