Grateful for the Mirror

Grateful for the Mirror

Last night a friend of mine said it best, “How we parent our children helps define their view of God.”

My friend so effortlessly and succinctly put into words what’s been churning around in my heart the last few months.

I knew it was true because my view of God for most of my life reflected the parenting style I grew up with.

Now I appreciate my mom, she was the perfect example God’s unconditional love for me.

But there were other well-intentioned influences that I now believe helped give me a distorted view of God.

These are views that I’m still working to dismantle now.

And as I go through this process, there’s nothing like the way I’m parenting my own children to remind me of what and who I’m reflecting.

I have such a strong urgency to understand and reconstruct what I believe to be an authentic view of God because of the mistakes I’ve already made in my own parenting journey.

I want to understand and reflect differently before it’s too late.

I want my children to view God differently than I did.

And I want to do my part to contribute to that.

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