Guest Post: 12 Life Lessons from Barry Hall by Elise Thompson

Guest Post: 12 Life Lessons from Barry Hall by Elise Thompson

The following is a post from my wife in honor of her dad on Father’s Day. Enjoy!

-Rob Thompson

In lieu of Father’s day, I found myself thinking about my childhood. My thoughts went to all that my dad worked so hard to instill in me and my sister A lot of things I observed. Others he was very intentional to vocalize. As a teenager and young adult, all the lessons and lectures irritated me. Now that I’m an adult, I am incredibly thankful. Here are a few lessons from my dad, Barry Hall.

  1. He didn’t take NO for answer. My dad was an amazing sales man! When people told him no, he heard “Not Yet”, or “They don’t KNOW enough yet”.

  2. He wasn’t afraid of hard work and would do whatever it took to get the job done. I can remember him bringing work home sometimes, and us working together as a family to help him meet his deadline.

  3. The early bird gets the worm. It didn’t matter if we had company over. As soon as the clock struck 9 pm, my dad would excuse himself for bed so he could get up early for work in the morning. ( I’m sure my mom had a few awkward moments being left to entertain guests.)

  4. Never stop learning & resource your life. Since my Dad was in sales, he drove a lot. He would use that time to listen to audio books to better himself. . He made sure to pass on these books to me and my sister. We were listening to Jim Rohn, and reading “Who Moved my Cheese” and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as teenagers.

  5. He knew what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to speak up. Closed mouths get nothing.

  6. He dreamed big.

  7. He embraced change. It wasn’t uncommon for us to come home from school, and all the living room furniture to be completely different. ( again, bless my mom!)

  8. He never meets a stranger. He can strike up a conversation with anyone.

  9. He would listen & obey the still small voice inside. My mom reminded me of a time where he felt like there was a guy at a restaurant that was in desperate need of encouragement. We were all in our comfy clothes for the night, but he convinced us to all get dressed to go for a ride. As we sat and ate our late night snack, he found the guy who needed encouragement, and his words were right on time.

  10. He was all about hospitality and community. For a season, we had people over for Sunday lunch every week!

  11. Take care of your stuff. My dad worked really hard for this red Acura Integra. He would stay on me and my sister by saying, “respect my car!” Those words are stuck in my head as i train my kids to care for what they have.

  12. He loves his wife and daughters. My dad was good at showing love to my mom and to me and my sister. I think back to all the cute pet names he had for us and how he was crazy protective, but it all screams love.

Hopefully some of these “Barry Hall-isms” will encourage you on your life journey!

Stay hungry and Happy Father’s Day!


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