Hosting To Heal My Insecurities

Hosting To Heal My Insecurities

For a few days this past week we had some unexpected guest staying at our house, and I felt like a fish out of water. Uncomfortable and awkward at times as I tried to interact.

I kept wondering, :

“What do they think of our house since it’s still being updated?”

“I haven’t checked the bathroom in a few hours to see if our potty-training toddlers left urine on the toilet seat! What are they going to think if they see that?”

On the other hand, my wife Elise flowed and connected like those concerns or others weren’t even there. She displayed a level of effortless comfort with our guest that I envied.

Even when she meets people for the first time, her interactions are always so relaxed and smooth.

Later on, I asked her how she does it. How is she able to be so comfortable and relaxed with our guest or other new people that she meets?

She said (and I’m paraphrasing) ,

“if people like us for who we are, they won’t care if our house is still being updated or whatever else we worry about. If they do care about those things at the expense of the relationship, then it’s not a relationship worth having so why worry?”

Wow! Talk about a gut check.

Being comfortable and confident “in my skin” no matter what the setting is something that I’m growing in.

I hid for so long because I was afraid that who I was wouldn’t be accepted.

I’m grateful to have a wife showing me from her life that there is a better way. I need to host more to continue bringing some healing to this area.

Let me know if you want to stop by!

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