Protecting Growth. Preventing Sabotage.

Protecting Growth. Preventing Sabotage.

Ignoring my emotions doesn’t make them go away or remove the negative consequences that they can bring.  

Early last week, I had what I would consider a horrible day. I allowed the  negative emotions I was experiencing to keep me from moving myself or those I lead from moving forward. I was caught in my own thoughts and we were stagnant. 

I experienced a lesson that day. Everything rises and falls with leadership. If I allow wrong emotions or thoughts to derail me, then those I lead are affected as well. 

If I want to continue move forward despite negative emotions, I would need something to guard against that self-sabotage.  

Here is the daily routine I created to help:

1. Journal my thoughts and emotions.  

2. Read what God says about me.

3. Share my thoughts and emotions to God and listen to what he says.

4. Think on, See, Say, and Write what he says. 

That’s it. It’s not anything super groundbreaking, but so far this routine has been rock solid. It allows me to be human and experience emotions of all kinds, without allowing those emotions to control or derail me. 

How are you protecting yourself and those you lead from the effects of negative emotions? Comment or reply below.

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