Serenity In The Chaos

Serenity In The Chaos

These past few weeks felt like change and growth brought chaos.

School is about to start again.

Our 12 year old has grown into a young woman and will be in middle school.

Our four year old will be five soon so we decided to put him in pre-school.

I forgot that school shopping can be nuts at times! :-)

We still have two more littles at home and they are growing in their own right.

Our business is growing (hooray!), so the needs of that organization are expanding as well.

My understanding of church is changing.

So many things are changing and growing at once, things feel a little chaotic at times.

And then my wife and I pause to pray together.

Wow! Here comes serenity.

And then follows clarity, direction, effectiveness, and fulfillment.

Change and growth are good, but we don’t have to let feelings of chaos derail us.

May I remember that serenity in the midst of growth and change is always possible through my connection with God in prayer.

Thanks for reading!

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